Center Valley, PA

Center Valley, PA

Center Valley, Pennsylvania 18034

Center Valley is an unincorporated community within Lehigh County, located at the intersection of Pennsylvania Route 309 and Pennsylvania Route 378. The town is made up of about 8,850 people and has a population density of about 781 people per square mile. Center Valley is great for raising children. There are a few different schools, some of which being Central Valley High School, Central Valley Middle School, Todd Lane Elementary School, Center Grange Primary School, and Center Valley Cyber Academy. There are a lot of different options for parents to choose from when deciding which elementary, middle, and high schools their children will attend, but lucky for them they are all great options. All of the public school’s test results revealed that the children were 82% proficient in reading, 71% proficient in math, and 77% proficient in reading and math. Out of the thousands of children who are enrolled in the multiple different schools in Center Valley, these are very good scores. Not only do parents find peace in the security of their child’s education, but also their safety. Center Valley is safer than 82% of different cities and towns throughout the US. This includes cities and towns of all different sizes. In Pennsylvania, only 28% of the communities have reportedly lower crime rates than Center Valley, so among the state’s towns, it’s one of the safest. Center Valley is a family-oriented town with 40.6% of the population married with children and another 8.7% single with children. About half the population has kids and most of the other half are happily married. Overall, Center Valley is a great town for families of all types and sizes, but also welcomes all kinds of people into its warm community.

Center Valley Local Businesses

Center Valley is a fairly small town, but is bursting at the seams with quaint shops and eateries. They have larger, more well-known stores and businesses like Barnes and Noble, Francessca’s, Old Navy, Red Robin, American Eagle, and well as other professions, such as roofers, plumbers, lawyers, and electricians. However, Center Valley immerses itself in its local and smaller businesses as well. Of their eateries, the town has many different options with a range of cultural choices to pick from. You can try Korean at Kim’s Kitchen, Mexican at Torre, Italian at Melt, Japanese at KOME Japanese Cuisine, Thai at White Orchard’s Thai Cuisine, and many others. Each of these restaurant owners have built their businesses from the ground up and have unique stories about how they got to where they are now. The owner of Kim’s Kitchen, for example, tells her story on her restaurant website. The owner, Kim, was born and raised in Korea, later moving to the US at 24. Since arriving, she’s raised a family, owned multiple businesses, and has since established and thrived with Kim’s Kitchen. Center Valley and the entirety of Leigh county are lucky to have her and the knowledge she brings about Korean cuisine. The rest of the restaurants in the town have different stories and Kim is just one of many, but they all found their homes in Center Valley and all share the same love that the town harbors and inspires.


Center Valley has a community, unlike any others. There are lots of shopping opportunities and eating locations that give it a more suburban feel while the scenery of their different parks and trails offer a more rural experience. For those that enjoy the more rural side of Center Valley, a great place to check out would be Big Rock Park, also called Bauer Park. Upon entering, visitors can take a short hike from the parking area up to Bauer Rock. The view from this spot is nothing short of incredible. The spot on Bauer Rock is described as “The most prominent feature of [the] 77-acre park… Bauer Rock [is] a towering mass of dark-colored gneiss that rises 40 feet above the crest of the South Mountain.” The park itself is great for a day of hiking as there is plenty of natural, beautiful scenery to take in. A lot of Center Valley residents take advantage of all that Baur Park, as well as the other parks, have to offer, but nature hikes aren’t for everyone. The great thing about Center Valley is that it doesn’t just fall into one category like having nothing but scenic forests and hiking trails as lovely as they are, they also have other things.

Another big part of community life in the town is shopping. They have a lot of stores ranging from large corporations like American Eagle to local and small-owned businesses like Brooks Brothers to Center Valley's Excelsior Roofing. There are many different shopping opportunities, but one of the most popular in the community of Center Valley is Promenade Shops at Saucon Valley which is a mall within the town. The Promenade Shops is more than just a mall, they often offer different events, concerts, and movie nights. If those whose goal is strictly shopping the Promenade Shops have countless different stores to choose from like Athleta, Banana Republic, Bath and Body Works, Claire’s, along others. As for those who may be interested in the different events that the Promenade Shops offer, there are lots to choose from in this area as well. Some examples of the mall’s upcoming events are their Summer Concert Series, Tabata Fitness Class, Summer Movie Nights, HIIT The Patio, along with a few others. These are just a few examples of their more recent events, but they have held countless others in the past and will continue to do so in the future. Community is big in Center Valley, and there’s something for everyone that way no one gets left out or left behind.

Center Valley, PA

Directions from the center of Center Valley, Upper Saucon Township, PA to Excelsior Roofing, 4754 Chestnut Hill Rd, Center Valley, PA 18034

  • Head northwest on PA-378 N toward PA-378 S
  • Turn left onto Preston Ln
  • Turn left onto Camp Meeting Rd
  • Continue onto Lanark Rd/Local Rte 39114
  • Turn left onto Spring Dr
  • Turn right onto Applebutter Hill Rd
  • Turn right onto Chestnut Hill Rd
  • Excelsior Roofing, 4754 Chestnut Hill Rd, Center Valley, PA 18034

The Future of Center Valley

As of right now, Center Valley doesn’t have any major plans for itself. Their main concern, like most other places, is focusing on recovery from Covid-19. Getting their citizens vaccinated is of the highest priority so things can begin to gain some resemblance of normalcy. They’ll also be following the plans that Governor Tom Wolf has discussed implementing. Specifically, regarding the education system across the state of Pennsylvania, Governor Tom Wolf has plans to invest around $40 million into school safety grants along with numerous other goals and ideas to better the state of Pennsylvania. Center Valley is more than in for the ride and looking forward to seeing their already beautiful and safe town, shine even brighter.